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Wear Dots or Stripes – That Is The Question? or NOT

We've always been taught that you shouldn't mix patterns, especially dots and stripes. You either wear one or the other. Never both at the same time. But why is that such a big deal? Fashion shouldn't be limited with rules. It should be experimental & fun. Why can't you wear together red and pink, black and brown, dots and stripes…? You shouldn't ask the question 'Dots or Stripes', you should ask 'Why not both'?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, having fun, enjoying, feeling relaxed, making yourself happy… Fashion is everything but strict rules. No wonder a lot of style bloggers told me that to them, rule is meant to be broken.  Fashion is not some boot camp or military training (although you can wear camouflage pants). Forget about the rules. Wear whatever you want. Experiment. Yes, you may make some bad choices, but it is normal. In the meanwhile you will develop your own unique style, and that is the whole point. You shouldn't look like everyone else. You should be yourself – special, unique, beautiful and confident.

So stop wondering if you should mix dots and stripes. Let it go and enjoy in your fashion journey! Take your time, think about this, it's big decision… in the mean time,  sip a cup of coffee and check out the pieces we've selected for you.


Empire Papier polka-dot cotton dress


ASOS Woven Peg Pants in Stripe




Hallhuber Block-stripe skirt


ALTEA Shorts


Daisy Street Asymetric Stripe Top


Helene Berman Full skirted trench coat


Obviously, dots and stripes are still in trend and won't dissappear any time soon (maybe never). So make your unique style of how to style them is a smart thing to do. Go experiment and enjoy! 


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