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Top 5 Fashion Teams in Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony

Long expected Rio Olympics 2016 finally started. Although there were so many controvercies about everything, we still felt quite excited to witness the every-4-year, biggest, grandest world affair. Forget about pollution, Zika (just a bit), safety concern… just focus on competition, friendship, patriotism, common love & passion for sports for a couple of weeks. One of the most talked about topic for us actually is fashion. Athletes from more than 200 countries and regions present their teams in different sports attires, especially on the opening ceremony, it definitely is the biggest fashion show this year.  Commenting on each team is quite a fun thing to do for us audience in front of TV, computer or smart phone/tablet.  

We picked top 5 teams for the best dressed… for the least favorite,  we prefer not to point out as probably they already know themselves, and its not their 'fault' after all. 

Top1. Sweden
Learnt the hard lession from London Olympics, this time, Sweden team came back with well designed uniform by H & M. Unlike China team, always use yellow color in a certain way & weight, sweden team's outfit strike the blance of colorful and cool.  I really don't mind to wear them in my next workout session. 😉 
Sweden team Olympics Rio 2016 uniform


Top2. Canada
Canadian brother designers Dan and Dean Caten of Dsquared2 lend the hands to push team Canada to a new high in sports fashion. They still use the Canadian elements – red, maple leaf, but in the mix of streetwear style – modern & relaxed.  To me, they look quite hot in Rio, but to most fashion critics, they rank Canada no.1.
Canadian Team Rio Olympics 2016 uniform


Top3,. Cuba
Cuba Team's uniform was partly designed by French footwear guru Christian Louboutin. The whole team looks relaxed, happy and spirited.  Great shoes!
Cuba team Rio Olympics 2016 uniform


Top4. Italy
As a ritual, Giorgio Armani is responsible for the costume of Italian team. He is not a fan of combining the nationl flag colors of Italy of red, white and green – they are well-covered, relaxed and have the energy to go for medals, with the thinking deeper in their mind – I am wearing something designed by a legend. 
Italian team Rio Olympics 2016 Uniform


Top5. Britain
Personally, I love Stella McCartney and the wonderful collaboration between Adidas and her.  Although some crtitics don't like it that much, but I do.  Love it – the constrasting between the british tradition and modern attitude. 
Britain team Rio Olympics 2016 uniform

Well, whatever they wear, we wish them great luck with the performance.  I guess that's the most important for them, right?  


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