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Time to upgrade your Streetwear Staples, take the ride of G-Star Raw Super Sales

G-star Raw is our all-time favorite. 

Absolutely streetwear staples for everyone. 

Ever since we started to wear jeans, I always became jealous that someone would wear a pair of G-star and showed off the logo /badge or whatever look on his/her face. Our family wasn't affluent to afford the pair for myself. I needed to save money to get "luxury" stuff.  Until the first pay day after I was on my first job. I went to the shop and tried on a dozen jeans, shorts, then I picked one.  The one I worn for so long, still is storaged in my mum's closet as memory this day, no matter how far away I am around the world. 

Anyway. Thanks to online shopping, having a pair of your favorite clothing, jeans is much much easier than before. Also thanks to the pop up sales from now and then, our wallet won't complain that much. 🙂 

Here we go, we have this super G-Star Raw sales on now, up to 50% off. So you can upgrade your streetwear staples without hurting the bank. 

Without further ado, our top picks are: 

Sweater style dresses are must have for your wardrobe, and they are super easy to style, even blurring the line between formal and casual these days.

Powel Sweater Dress By G-Star


Imon V Neck Sweater Dress By G-Star


Blake Zip Front Dress By G-Star


I believe if you are reading this article, you already have quite some number of jeans.  However, as we know, great things are never enough. So I bet you don't mind get a couple stocked during great sales. 

Powel Mid Skinny By G-Star


Lynn Zip Mid Skinny By G-Star


3301 High Rise Skinny By G-Star


Last but not least, I want to promote one of my favorite style –  Jumpsuit.  Such a great concept and honestly, I loved jumpsuit since very young age, till today, and will be forever.  My daughter loves this style too, she is only 2 and half years old. lol.

Arc Jumpsuit By G-Star


There are soooo many great styles, don't miss it – come to check them out yourself!  Be the part of revolution of G-Star Raw, will ya?! 🙂 

Go to G-Star Raw Sales NOW!  

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