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Summer is the best season for experimenting bohemian clothing style

Everybody loves freedom.

As the weather getting warmer, the clothing style also gettng more varied. It's an awesome time to be. As now you can wear some silky material without feeling freezing and experiementing other styles as you always wanted, however without being too costly.  Some of our girls in the team really love bohemian clothing style, which brings them freedom, the sense of originality and self; espeically when combining with modern pieces, unique harmony can be reached. 

For a successful boho styling, you don't need to be full on if you prefer not to. The decision is yours and you will look just fine with different percentage of boho elements on you. It's no mathmatical problem, all about sense. 

By walid Loulou print tunic
This Bohemian-inspired silk tunic boasts the unique Loulou print, the delicate cut makes sure the garment will suit you nicely. Pair with white skinny pants or leggings, cowbox ankle boots or boho style sandals, you will make s statement for sure.


Veronica Beard Alpine Embellished Silk Blouse
Wearing bohemian to formal meeting is not impossible anymore, even you are not in a creative agency. This gorgeous beard alpine embellished slik blouse strikes with an understated bohemian silhouette, but formal enough to be shown in the office, you can pair with white pants and white blazer. Looks fresh and sharp. But you know that underneath all these, how comfortable and indulgent you feel.

Astrid Boho Maxi Dress
This long boho dress is a little tricky to style, it looks great with fair skin and long built figure. Great for a garden party on a chillier summer day.


Burgundy Elaphe Leather Flat Sandal w/Pom Pom Tassel & Fringe
This pair has adopted a few key elements of the trends this season.  The design, color, embellishment. And really easy to style.

Pom Pom Indian Ballerina Shoe
You may argue this specific pair of ballerina flats are too boho and probably reduces the chance of pairing with many existing wardrobe.  You are wrong.  These go wonderfully with white or blue color skirts in different length, or maxi dresses… simplicity is the key here.

Saint Laurent small 'Monogram' crossbody bag
Classic and simple design.  Great leather assures you the high-end look & the fringes adds just enough feminine and fun to it.

Catherine Michiels bohemian glass beaded bracelet
The easiest way to get some boho touch is through jewelries. They have clear identity and you can wear them in many occasions. Not necessarily the whole outfit is bohemian style, but just a touch of it can add more fun and personality.


Credit: the featured image courtesy to monsoon


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