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Simple Guide For Rocking Street Look! – Meet the basics!

Either you are more into formal, business look, or casual style, one is sure, everyone in a while has those street style moments. It is how it is, and we all enjoy it. I like to call Street Style like Fashion In Practice. That is the moment where high-end fashion meets the streets and becomes a part of daily life. And who is a stylist there? I am, you are, everyone is their own stylist, and that is a dash of freedom we all like about street style, and one of the reasons why is so popular everywhere. And one more thing about street style that I adore, Almost everything is allowed! But if you want to stand out, and look like fashion stars from fashion weeks all over the world there are few fashion street look rules, that you need to follow. But, also, great thing is that you can adjust it to your personal style and make your mark.

Street looks are different among countries, even among cities. And when I am traveling, and I love traveling and I am sure that we all are doing so, one of the ways that I get to know a new culture is street style. So we all are taking part in creating contemporary fashion trends on streets, so let’s learn the basics of it and make this street style experience more enjoyable!

Jeans are must have in every fashion and street style lover wardrobe. For this kind, a look choose some basic denim color, preferably bright. And about models, it defer from season to season but ripped jeans, high waist and boyfriend models are always a good choice.

Image of HR Straight Ankle Step Jeans by Calvin Klein online sales

HR Straight Ankle Step Jeans By Calvin Klein



Let’s assume that every day is sunny in our happy, fashion cosmos, one thing that you can´t forget are sunglasses. About sunglasses, the most important thing is to fit you and the other is, for this season, retro and simple. For great and casual street style that’s the best fit.


C&C SHOES – Comfortable & Chic

We are talking about street style, so that means that is for long city walkings, going to events and just generally flowing across the streets? That means that your shoes need to be comfortable, but also, one fashion lover would never sacrifice chic and good looking for comfort, so why not both? Well styled sneakers or leather ankle boots are definitely pieces that you need to have this season. And, also block heels paired with casual style are a good choice for the streets!

Shop womens jacket

Ellery Leather Boots In Black

Shop womens jacket

Burberry Studded Leather Westford Sneakers In Black



We are girls and always need to carry lots of things, so a bag is also unavoidable. For street kinda look my suggest is definitely backpack. Plus – they are becoming ruling trends among bags every season. Choose the medium size, nice, simple cuts, or one with interesting details, it’s up to you, but backpack will definitely add a final touch to your street style outfit!

Buy Burberry Medium nylon backpack online

Medium Nylon Backpack By Burberry

Now, when we passed basics, it’s your turn to add your personal mark to your look. Feel free to play, and mix, and bare in mind that street style is constantly changing. If you really want to stand – out of the crowd with your street style I recommend you to take a look at our picks of totally extravagant and crazy Gucci collection of shoes, maybe you will find something extraordinary to fulfill your look!


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