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Red Summer – right choices for all summer essentials

Red summer?  Red summer!

Based on my very recent experience, red actually is a great color for summer.   We were about to attend an event, for the presentation needs, I would love to pick a red dress.  But it was hard to find last min in the shop.  OK long story short, I managed to find a red top, which gained me a lot of praise.  And it look really great on photos too. (blush blush here. hohoho)   So, the whole situation made me rethink red color.  I always think red is more for special occasions, but hey, you can wear red actually every day.

And I researched on this topic.  There are many great red pieces for summer, and red color in these days becomes very hot, redeemed as the excellent choice for summer.  So here we go!

Red Top
Ruffled Short Sleeve Top   £442  (By Symphony)

Red Skirt
Giorgio Armani knit pencil skirt  $545  (Frafetch)


Red Dress
Diane von Furstenberg Tailored Dress with Gathered Waist  $445 (stylebop)

Red Sandals
Angelica Poppy Red Satin & Specchio High Heel Sandal $750 (FORZIERI)

Red Swimwear
Dakotta Swimsuit Red   £225   (Agent Provocateur)


Red Bag
Victoria Beckham mini leather shoulder bag  $837 (Stylebop)

Red is great for summer as you can get it to be the major color for the chilly days, and sunny days for a touch of it, which is crucial for the mood of the activities as well.  It goes well with other monochrome theme, as many style bloggers demonstrated, depends on your mood and occasions, red can be really magical to play with.

It's definitely wise to get a few pieces with right price which suits you.  Because these red babies are just timeless investment.

Wear something red this summer, it's not only for special occasions, you can pull it off with some thoughts into the styling. 🙂


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