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Rebecca Taylor dresses the perfect balance between contemporary and vintage

Rebecca Taylor is a proud mother to 3 kids – a boy and twin girls. How beautiful.  She is also a successful and beloved designer, feminine, sophisticated, with vintage flare; artistically inspired by creative, dynamic women. You can feel the womanly touch in every single piece of her design, no matter is Rebecca Taylor dresses, or the namesake lifestyle products, you can feel the romance in the air.

looking at Rebecca Taylor shows or wearing some of her clothing, I feel that we are walking in the evening of Brooklyn. You know that Brooklyn has been playing a major role in various aspects of American culture such as literature, cinema, and theater.  A lot of artists like to reside in Brooklyn due to its open feel. There are so many nationalities that you can encounter, so many different accents that you can hear when just randomly walking on the street. While the breeze swipes over your face, with the Rebecca Taylor dress on and Jimmy Choo heels, I feel that i am on top of the world. Even the heels are high, I can still walk with ease, in my own pace, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. I am going to meet my best girl friends, or my loving boy friend, we will have coffee together, and sit just around the corner of the small but cozy coffee shop, enjoy the sunset.  What a pleasure!

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