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Is fashion the way of communication?

Have you ever taken time to think about if fashion is the way of communication? Is it through which people trying to communicate with each other? Sending messages? Making statements? Expressing their feelings? Explaining themselves? So many questions but all actually come to the same. If you stop for a second and start to think about this, you will see that fashion really is the way of communication, and the powerful one.

First of all, you dress differently for different occasions, why? Well because you are trying to say something through your clothes. Even if you may not aware, you are sending out messages. On your day off, you are wearing jeans, tee and sneakers, you are actually saying that you are relaxed, in no hurry and feeling 100% comfortable. On the contrary, during work days you are sending message that you are a professional, dedicated and hard working person.

Do you realize how clothes/style are always saying something about you, about your feelings, thoughts or you as a person. How you dress can reveal a lot about you, of course if you know how to read signs. Now that you know this, you can use it to your advantage.

Before you choose what to wear,  think about the message you want to send out, then check if your outfit can achieve the result, if not – change. There are a lot of different effects that you can get with your clothes, if you know how. So start to take fashion reign in your hands, and make it the way of successful communication and expressing yourself.

To get better idea how fashion can be the way of communication, we have selected different items according to the message they are sending. Check them out!


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