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Get your favorite new jacket at 70% OFF – and we talk about Max Mara, Prada and Vetements

Yes, you don’t want to stroll around in last year jacket, and why would you? Here are my 23 picks for the best jackets in 2018/19 season, from classic Max Mara to heroic Vetements and always great-to-wear Marc Jacobs.

Oh, almost forget to say they are all, right – all of them on 70% OFF right now, so you will walk around with kind of double smile, as you will look gorgeous and save yourself some super nice extra cash. Look at that Stella McCartney casual jacket at 70% OFF – which mean you darling, save $837 in this one purchase. That’s right, enough to get yourself ANOTHER jacket from my list. Really, why stick with just one? 😉

p.s. Later I added wrapped coat with fur details by Prada, as at $2,667 savings this is really the best 70% OFF deal you will probably get ever. Don’t miss to check this deal soon

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