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Foot types and how to choose high heels



choose shoes to match your foot type


While we all have different foot types. I found this image (best so far, some on the internet are really not appealing to your eyes, haha) to show you, quite interesting right? Who will spend so much time thinking about foot type.  That’s right.  I myself have big feet by women standard, 39 or 40cm, luckily I am tall as well, however I still hope I have smaller feet as 39/40 shoes sometimes are hard to find.

My foot type is Egyptian, which I think quite waste of space of shoes, anyway, for Egyptian, Norwegian and Mongolian types,  all high heels, pumps are fine, however, it’s better to keep the head area roomy, as it might feel the squeeze after long-time walk.  For Roman, German, Orient and African, I think round or square head will be suitable, for pointy head, you need to ask for at least one size larger, otherwise, you may end up putting some Band-Aid on your feet.  For Greek, Celtic and Aboriginal, I think they are great for pointy high heels, Stilettos, just made for those beautiful shoes, aren’t you? Lol.

Ok, the best thing to shop heels online these days is to have some merchants with generous return and exchange policy, at least if the shoes are not fit, you can return or exchange them for free or with minimum cost. Enjoy shopping here on coshio. Good for ya!

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