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Can you find the perfect business suits on sale for your job interview?

How to look amazing on your next job interview? And can you still save before you land that super-paid job? Yes. Buy business suit from top brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole or Yves Saint Laurent suits for under $150. Or for a bit more you can go top level quality with suist by Versace, Moschino or Armani collection. But the point is you should buy man suits that will rock your look. Make you the king of the jungle. And here are major points how NOT to make any mistakes.

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Here is a deal – you need to look great – business wise AND with style. When I go for job interview I don’t want to look like that scared shumck before me. I want to look like that interviewer lady will fall in love with me. I mean she will. So here is the ultimate suit guide for this.

Main points.


Man, it's not only about ironing suit. It’s about looking like a fucking Iron Man! That’s what i talk about. So here we are. Grey, darker grey. Well fitted. Not too fit so you look like teenage brit. You look like young banker who knows what we want. He looks cool, but he doesn’t need to struggle to look great. It’s your deal.


Stand straight, hold your muscles tight to give you better posture. Always stand if you can – you’ll look more fit and your voice will sound more confident. Try to relax your moves. It’s like you are on stage and need to seduce that pretty lil girl.


If you want to stand out – peacock – you can wear those crazy colorful, golf-style suits. But do you need to stand out? No one want to work with weird guys. This part of dating game won’t work here. You were called for an interview. They want the professional who is confident and fit in. team player.

Grey is the great color for this reason. Dark blue is safe bet too. Dark blue is banker and broker style, specially with small lines. Light grey can pass too, if you want to be portrayed like easy, positive player. But darker grey rocks here. Dark grey tells the world – I am a business man. I am the kind of island. I will fit with everyone and make some great stuff happen. Trust me.



Good, tight fit. Not too tight as it’s not dating. And you need to breathe too. But don’t borrow or buy suits that have bit more space ‘just in case’. Just do pushups for few days before to get some feeling of standing strong. I mean look a man. Manly. So good fit is needed. Ask girlfriend to check, they are good at this kinda of stuff. Watch out if she like those too tight suits – again you want ot look like boss, not cheeky boy.


OK, we got you covered here too. Kenneth Cole,  Yves Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger are all good brands for under $150. Do NOT go for some unknown brands. Doesn't worth it. Get good brand, quality and fit that will last and pay off itself after you land that good pay rise. Simple don’t set for some bullshit, with these good sales, you can afford quiality and than go up.


Yes, go up. Upgrade yourself each time. You will feel better. Winner. Real man, no one can step on your feet when you wear this good suit and polished shoes They will run scared. That’s why sticking to buying from big online shops and not discount shop in shady shopping centres that sell clothes from 3 seasons ago stitting in dust for years. Go online and find good deals on best quality. Same as your job and life – don’t settle for crap, make yourself king of the jungle.


Above: Versace man suit at currently 66% off online sale.

Good point of having quality suit is that you can wear them on other occasions too. You’ll look great for date, or on celebrations. And even you can separate and wear good jacket with jeans or wear grey suit pants with simple white tee – which look classy. You are boss, you have a relaxing time out. Use it at your advantage.


It’s you.

At the end don’t listen to bullshit advices from others. Be you. Dress well, so they are not taken away by your outfit. But man, one you are in – you are in and you will rock it. So be confident. Talk to yourself in mirror, No problem there. Girls love confidence. Ask. Push. Take yourself where you haven't been before. You are the king. And who doesn’t want to employ confident king of the hill? Of course they will. Everyone needs you.


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and Win.


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