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Blogger Interview: Simone inspires her readers by sharing “getting the look for less”

Simone Foster definitely understand her niche in fashion blogging. She wasn't trying to fight with girls in early 20s on splurging money or appearing in all sorts of fashion events. This day-time kindergarten teacher takes more down-to-earth approach on inspiring others to achieve trendy and fashionable styles without buring a hole in the wallet.  She believes that every woman can look great in her own ability no matter what age, size, shape or social status she has.   


When did you start blogging and how did you come to this idea?
I started blogging back in 2012 when I partnered with a friend in Singapore to setup an online store called “Foster Bay”. It was meant to be an avenue for us to highlight items we were selling online. Often the inspiration of our collections were “ Get The Look For Less”. Although the business is no longer due to my relocation to Hong Kong, but inspiring others with my sense of style has always been a passion for me and that is how “Simone- Your Style Architect” continues to this day.


Who is your style icon? Why?
I really don’t have a specific style icon, often getting my inspirations from street styles, other fashion bloggers and magazines. Social media such as Pinterest and Instagram has been favourite go-to portals for me to get inspirations as well.


How do you describe your personal style? What is your inspiration?
My personal style has always been inclined towards classic, feminine and elegant. However fashion is something to have fun with and so, I do like now and again to re-invent myself and try out new styles that I never would have considered before. For example, now with my recent hair cut inspired by Korean actresses, I am gravitating more towards Korean pop fashion for inspiration.


What is the essential pieces you must have in your closet?
Definitely a white shirt, a nice cut pair of jeans and a black dress. All the above easily matching with nude heels and various looks can be created mix and matching.


How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?
I try my best to publish at least 2 posts per week – one in the beginning and one on the weekend. Sometimes there would be events I need to go to, or have been informed of new collections or promotions/collaborations which I would like to highlight to my readers. Often, it would be just simply be an outfit I had worn that week which I felt would be a nice look to inspire others. Occasionally, I would also collaborate with other bloggers to host Giveaways as a way of thanking my readers for their support.


What is the biggest challenge for you in fashion blogging?
To constantly be updated on latest trends/ styles/ new online stores/ promos that I can offer something new to my readers each time they log on. Often, I do not get enough time to surf the web or do more research to offer for my readers. It’s hard when you are balancing work, family life and a hobby as such.


What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
My readers and followers! To have them comment and compliment me on my posts, dressing style and looks and just to say hi and have a nice pat on the back for my effort is so rewarding. At the end of the day, this blog started out of a passion for fashion and if you get approval from your readers, that means so much to know you are on the right track.


What is the fashion rule you never break?
Fashion should be fun! I used to swear never to mix red and pink together but that’s gone out the window. If you mix and match your items and colours right, that is how you reinvent fashion and trends. So to answer your question, there is no rule when it comes to fashion for me.


What do you splurge on?
Oh my god! What can I NOT splurge on – that is the question! Definitely leather handbag and/or shoes! My greatest weaknesses.


From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?
Off the shoulder tops for sure. Well I am certainly stocking up on this style! I love the new looks where sleeves are more accentuated/ ruffled /ballooned. Theatrical to a certain extent.  And white dresses… in any form I believe would be a great Summer trend to take on.


Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?
Hmm… I do have some paid featured posts which I clearly indicate to my readers, and small amounts from advertising. I often get free items to write a review on. I did not start the blog hoping to make money from it or treat it as a business, so this is not a focus for me.  I would advise other new bloggers ( who am I really to advise?) to be yourself when you write. People want to know who you are, what you are and often this will seem so unnatural if you are trying too hard to imitate the more successful bloggers. Find a niche to focus on e.g I am a working mom in my 40s and therefore we have been through changes for childbirth and our priorities in life are different from a 20+ yr old blogger who is single and have time to travel. So my fashion posts are more related to women of my age group and to inspire them that we can still look good amidst our busy family life.


What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about?
Funny enough it was a post back in Aug 2012 where it was about the Top 10 Handbags To Own. ( refer to post here). Somehow I figured through the years this popular post would slowly move down the line however it is still an all time favourite and possibly as I had highlighted classic handbag styles which as you know are timeless favourites. So pretty much as applicable in 2016 as it was back in 2012.


How do you see your blog in 5 years?
I enjoy blogging as a hobby and definitely hope that my readers would continue to support me by subscribing to follow my blog and my social media links e.g youtube, Instagram, pinterest, facebook. I intend to continuously improve on my writing skills and refresh both my sense of style and blog posts to bring new inspirations to my readers. That’s most important isn’t it?


Do you want to share anything else besides these questions?
Be true to oneself in everything that you do. I see so many bloggers out there who try to imitate what others are doing, often compromising their standards or their looks in view of a paid collaboration or featured post. We owe our readers and supporters the honesty in reviewing a product or a company. Nothing happens overnight, just keep on doing what you are doing and you will find that success will come your way.


Designer – Victoria Beckham
Fashion Brand- Self Portrait
Color- White … surprisingly enough! Classic and elegant.
Quote – “Live each day like it’s your last!”
Way to relax – Watching a nice movie with my family, with a nice glass of wine!


How can people connect with you
Facebook page:

Thanks Simone for the great interview.  Everyone wants to get to know her a bit more, plesae check her site yourstylearchitect. Have Fun! 


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