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Blogger Interview: Kristina really loves to play with trends and colors, follow her to keep up your game

Her highschool teacher said that black is not a color. But black turns out to be her favorite color. She even has a dog with black and white furs. 🙂  Kristina is such a joyful soul, the conversation with her is delightful. She created "The Kontemporary" the beautiful blog and received a lot of attention from peers. However, she is still finding her own niche in the wild fashion blogging game.  Listen to her story. 

When did you start blogging and how did you come to this idea?
I started blogging two years ago. I have followed many fashion blogs for a long time while working for a fashion company and suddenly I realized that I would love to blog myself.

Who is your style icon? Why?
One of my style icons is Sylvie Meis who is a TV show host relatively unknown outside of Germany and the Netherlands. I love her creative mix between casual and chic with trendy elements. Another style icon of mine is definitely Julie Sarinana from She is the personification of the casual L.A. chic.

How do you describe your personal style? What is your inspiration?
I admire all these girls with a minimalistic wardrobe always wearing basics. But that’s not me. I like playing around with trends and colors, trying different styles. My inspiration are fashion blogs and people I see on the street.

What is the essential pieces you must have in your closet?
In my closet there always have to be a pair of black skinny jeans, a white V-neck tee, a black leather jacket and a pair of Converse chucks. With black and white you never go wrong!

How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?
I usually post every second day, at least three times week. I cannot really explain a “method” for getting my ideas, they are just in my head and want to come out. Luckily, I never had a problem coming up with blog post ideas.

What is the biggest challenge for you in fashion blogging?
With so many fashion blogs in the world wide web right now it is hard to stand out. I still struggle with finding my own unique niche.

What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
Getting so many nice comments. And having an outlet for your own creativity.

What is the fashion rule you never break?
Wearing tights with open shoes. Apart from that, I love that fashion is more about breaking rules than following them.

What do you splurge on?
Shoes and handbags

From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?
Many fashion brands are starting sportswear collections (for example Zara) and I am sure fitness inspired fashion and the sneaker trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Though my favorite trends at the moment are lace-up-ballerinas and bomber jackets.

Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?
I am right at the point where I start to make a little money from my blog. So I am fighting at the moment with all the legal issues that come with that. I really should have dealt with topics like this earlier!

What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about?
When Birkenstock flats started to be cool again two years ago I posted two outfits wearing a pair of them. The number of page views was crazy and these posts are still my most visited ones. Over all, the category “outfit” on my blog has the most visitors.

How do you see your blog in 5 years?
More mature and less girly, but still a lot of fun!

Do you want to share anything else besides these questions?
If you have any further question you can always ask me personally, just write me an e-mail to!

Favorite Designer – Karl Lagerfeld, he is such an inspiring person
Favorite Fashion Brand- Zara and COS
Favorite Color- Black (my art teacher from highschool would now say “black is not a color”)
Favorite quote  – “Stay true to what makes you happy, because that always ends up producing the best results” – Ashley Olsen
Favorite Way to relax – a long walk with my dog Bella

How can people connect with you
Facebook page:

Thanks a lot Kristina, it was such a pleasure to meet you here.  Get in contact with her for more in-depth communication. The Kontemporary


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