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Blogger Interview: Filipino Seyra fulfilled her Victoria’s Secret dream & want to dream even bigger

Filipino fashion blogger Seyra has bold attitude and persistence towards blogging. She is the only one we knew that fulfilled her Victoria's Secret model dream! – on her graduation:)   In this interview, she shared very practical style tips and blogging tips to get noticed. Not surprisingly, she is determined to help promote local Philippine fashion designers to the world in the near future.

Filipino fashion blogger - Victoria's secret

When did you start blogging and how did you come to the idea?
I started blogging in 2012, as part of an academic requirement. It’s the first topic that came to mind since that’s what I am passionate about, so why not document my sartorial adventures? My friends also convinced me to continue even after the semester, but I can’t due to my loaded schedule during my undergraduate years. I only posted sporadically, but I really got into it last year.

Who is your style icon? Why?
Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, her style is classy yet adventurous. I devour her posts—they are always meaningful and well-developed. And I loved her journey, she started when blogging wasn’t popular yet—her humble beginning as a girl from Switzerland who borrows designer handbags to being the cover of Vogue.

How do you describe your personal style? What are your inspirations?
Rock chic. I incorporate studs and spikes to my usual feminine dresses. Or I wear an unusually designed bracelet with a sweet date look and I’m all set! I used to love heels, but then I figured sneakers and flats are more practical since I love walking. I get inspired by the TV shows—especially CW’s 90210 and Gossip Girl. I was obsessed with those shows. And since it was aired during my transformative years, it had a great impact on me.

What are the essential pieces you must have in your closet?
Dresses. You will always see me in dresses—those are my go-to pieces.
Brogues. It goes well with almost everything and it’s more unexpected than flats and sneakers.

How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?
Usually twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  It all starts with an item in my closet, and then I think of a story of how I got the item, and how you can wear a similar one. I generally offer tips on what shoes or accessories to wear.

What would you describe the biggest challenge in fashion blogging?
The biggest challenge in fashion blogging is coming up with new ideas to reinvent your style and help your audience. I don’t want to write posts that revolve solely around me, I am aware that fashion blogging is a narcissistic type of blog as it is, because you tell the world what you wore and how you wore it, so I want my readers to learn something from me and be inspired of what I write.

What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
Getting warm comments from your readers. Everyone’s genuine and nice. The fashion blogger community is a supportive bunch. I wish I can meet you all! The free stuff is nice, but it’s all about the interaction you get from your readers. You see that you really connect with them and that is the loveliest thing ever.

A fashion rule you never break?
If there’s a statement piece (or two) in your outfit, tone down the rest of your look. I detest it when there’s too much going on in my look.

What do you splurge on?
Jeans and shoes! You have to be comfortable in them. I’ve tried cheap jeans that made me itch all over and shoes that will give you blisters. It’s not worth it. Invest in quality jeans and shoes, they will last for long time. And you’ll thank yourself for that.

From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?
Dresses with loose cuts. I adored tight, body hugging dresses, but loose dresses are cute and comfortable. Plus, you don’t need to be conscious about anything, you should just pick the right cut for you if you don’t want to look pregnant. Halters are here to stay, too. It shows the beautiful shoulders of everyone.

Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?
Yes. Read, read and read! I started blogging without doing any significant research so I didn’t know about coding and SEO. IFB offers wonderful tips. Being a geek is great, but you should at least know the basics of blogging. It’s tough work—coming up with ideas, writing, taking photographs then all the stuff you need to do to promote your site but it will all be worth it!

What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about?
My most successful blog post is entitled, “How to wear the knitted Top.” From the title, I gave tips to on how to wear the top, and wrote that I got mine in a thrift shop. I guess it was timely for I posted it during the cold –ber months, and it was the time I put a lot of effort in growing my blog. This is the post link:
Filipino blogger - cute girl in knitwear


How do you see your blog in 5 years?
Hopefully, going places! We have notable Filipino fashion bloggers, but the Philippines is still not known for its fashion industry. I would like to be one of the bloggers who promote local designers and artists.

Is there anything that you want to share with us which was not included in the list?
To all the readers who thinks they can’t blog, please do! The golden days of blogging maybe over, but you cannot discount what a blog will do for you. It’s the personal space you can truly call your own, because of the advertisements and target marketing of social media sites. You can control what goes in your blog. So go and blog!

Designer – Alexander McQueen
Fashion Brand – Mango, Steve Madden
Color – purple, red and black, gold, silver
Quote  – "There cannot be, nor is there nor will there ever be real 'freedom' as long as there is no freedom for women from the privileges which the law grants to men, as long as there is no freedom for the workers from the yoke of capital, and no freedom for the toiling peasants from the yoke of the capitalists, landlords and merchants." — Vladimir Lenin, Soviet Power and the Status of Women (1919)
Way to relax – watching the sitcom, New Girl

How can people connect with you?

Thanks so much Seyra for sharing. Everyone please connect with her & visit her blog Pavementsarerunways


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