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Blogger Interview: Emma from Oxford explains Why & How she made blogging part of her Life

17 years old Emma (The Sassy Street) is among the youngest fashion bloggers we have interviewed, however as many of our team felt that she has much more maturity than we thought the girls of her age might have. In terms of blogging & career, Emma has clear goal and step-by-step plan to achieve that. Read the interview for her style & blogging tips.

Oxford fashion blogger

When did you start blogging and how did you come to the idea?
I started The Sassy Street when I was 14 years old, so about three years ago.  I had a family member who was successful with her interior design blog and I was urged to follow suit with my interest in fashion. My blog was a great distraction when I made the difficult move from America to the UK as a teen and I was really inspired by the architecture and street style in Oxford.  I played around with my dad's camera a bit and found myself shooting all over Oxford every day after that.

Who is your style icon? Why?
My style icon at the moment is Olivia Palermo. Her style is so versatile yet avant-garde at the same time, and I love the way she incorporates trends into her wardrobe.

How do you describe your personal style? What are your inspirations?
I would typically describe my style as simple and preppy, but with a hint of boho from time to time.  Most of my dresses are loose and flowy (just how I like it), and they typically have elements of boho to them as well. I get my inspiration from the streets at home and when I travel… Many times I'll write down an outfit I see from afar and search online for similar pieces.

What are the essential pieces you must have in your closet?
Loafers (with a bit of a heel of course!), black skinny jeans, and dresses that are easy to throw on and go.  I think it's important to have a wardrobe built on high quality basics that will last for years to come.

How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?
Typically I post two times a week, except when I'm on holiday.  I've actually never had a shortage of post ideas (although I'm afraid my brain will one day go blank and I'll be out!), but I like to brainstorm and organise my ideas every month or so on a spreadsheet.

What would you describe the biggest challenge in fashion blogging?
For me, the biggest challenge has been taking my ideas to reality.  I often have a very specific vision of what I want a shoot or post to look like and it's difficult to carry that out when I don't have the resources (photographer, clothing, location) available.

What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
I get the greatest satisfaction by overcoming the above challenge I suppose. There is something so refreshing about looking at my new images and thinking, "yes, I finally killed it with this shoot!"  When my photos turn out the way I pictured them (or even better)… These are the times I get excited to post and share what I made with people who are genuinely interested.

A fashion rule you never break?
I would like to say that I don't follow any "rules," but I do try to wear what flatters my body type best.  Just because you love a particular style doesn't always mean you can pull it off.

What do you splurge on?
Well, nothing.  I've never splurged on a singular item before but I do like to spend more on high quality shoes, bags, and the occasional "it factor" dress when it comes along.

From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?
Right now I'm really excited to buy something velvet for autumn.  Velvet was definitely a trend at the AW16 shows, seen at Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Preen… and I'm even seeing velvet from retailers like Zara and Topshop.

Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?
I've never focused on the money side of blogging, as I think it distracts a lot from my ideas and the growth of my blog. I see working with brands and writing articles for publications more worthwhile than making money from my blog at this stage. My advice would be to stay true to your branding and focus on the creative side first and foremost.

What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about?
My most successful post so far has been the "5 Watches like Daniel Wellington" post.  I wanted to highlight other unique watch brands that were similar to Daniel Wellington with this post, and I think there are a lot of people out there looking for exactly that.  I've also had many collaborations with watch brands since, so it was definitely a successful post.

How do you see your blog in 5 years?
I definitely don't see my blog staying the same in the next 5 years. I've built a strong portfolio of my work through my blog and now I'd love to start a magazine or work for a magazine, where hopefully I can fulfil more of my ideas and visions that have been hard to accomplish. I can't imagine myself without The Sassy Street so I will definitely make sure it's a part of whatever I'm doing 5 years from now.

Designer – Miuccia Prada
Fashion Brand- Chloé
Color- The colour of the ocean (I suppose you could call it blue 😉
Quote  – "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are"
Way to relax – Running or rowing

How can people connect with you?

Thanks so much Emma! You have been just amazing! Everyone, please visit her site The Sassy Street get new ideas!