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Blogger Interview: Emma from Boston shares her fashion story with us

Growing up with a fashion designer mum, it’s not a total surprise that Emma became a fashion blogger and shares her styling tips everyday with her followers. She is quite relaxed in her approach of blogging, which we would say a big plus – being comfortable with everything can positively influence your readers and treating the blog seriously day by day is a base for future success.

When did you start blogging and how did you come to the idea?

I started blogging when I was in high school and I started reading blogs and loved the idea of getting style inspiration online through real people. I just thought if other people can do it, why can’t I? Originally I started my blog on tumblr by reviewing beauty products, and slowly moved towards fashion and then solely on fashion and full looks.

Who is your style icon? Why?

At the moment I love Kendall Jenner, she has really changed and done such a good job branding herself and getting herself out there in the past couple of years. She’s been able to partner with leading brands and I think she’s a power house, and she has killer style.

 How do you describe your personal style? What are your inspirations?

I’d say the best way to describe my style would be contemporary because it’s a broad term for my style. I like versatile pieces that are on trend but also fun for me to wear. I don’t really have a set “style”. It’s just whatever I happen to like and know I’ll feel comfortable in!

 What are the essential pieces you must have in your closet?

A good pair of black jeans- I wear black jeans 90% of the time. Since we’re in Fall/transitioning to winter, a huge blanket scarf is a must especially in the midwest and east when I go home. Lastly a cute pair of chelsea boots because they go with pretty much everything.

 How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?

I post to Instagram nearly everyday. My Instagram consists of blog photos, outfit photos, and lots of plant pictures. I post on my blog about once a week, I try to have new posts up every Monday but sometime school takes over my life and puts me behind schedule! My posts are pretty consistent, I keep it to fashion/outfit posts and sometimes if I travel somewhere I’ll make a little travel guide out of it.

 What would you describe the biggest challenge in fashion blogging?

The biggest challenge for fashion blogging in my opinion is trying to set yourself apart. There are so many different instagrammers/bloggers out there that sometimes they all seem to blur together! Being able to offer something unique and different than other bloggers is the biggest challenge for me.

 What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?

I love reading comments and hearing the feedback! It makes my day when somebody responds to what I’m saying in my post or they say they have been reading my blog for a while and keep coming back. Seeing that what you are creating is enjoyed by others is always rewarding.

 A fashion rule you never break?

I don’t believe that there are fashion “rules” because there’s always room to change your mind. One rule that I hate is wearing black and blue together, I didn’t even know it was a thing before a few years ago and I’ve always done it.

 What do you splurge on?

My one thing would be shoes, I think that a nice pair of shoes can go a long way. Shoes go through so much wear and tear and I think that they can honestly make an outfit. A few new pairs a season doesn’t hurt!

 From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?

I love love sleeve details, with the winter coming up my immediate instinct is to throw on leggings and a sweatshirt most days. But there are so many cuter options out there now; turtlenecks, balloon sleeves, tier ruffle sleeve sweater, belle sleeve! The list goes on!

 Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?

I make money on sale commission and through paid sponsorships. I would say that my number one no-no for blogging is do not do it for the free stuff or the money. A lot of people think that sponsors will be lining to partner with you when you start your blog but it’s definitely not like that. And I’ve known many bloggers who go into it with the goal of getting free things. Personally I don’t think that’s what blogging should be about. I think blogging should be more about the content and style that you can offer to other people.

 What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about?

Strangely enough my most read blog post is one of my oldest before I did full outfit posts. It is a review of a pair of jeggings I got from Hollister. I have no idea why it has so many views! I looked at the stats and apparently its one of the most popular results for Hollister jeggings. I originally wrote it because it was my first pair of jeggings, and I was seriously in love because they were so comfortable and wanted the entire world to know!!

 How do you see your blog in 5 years?

I think there is going to be a big change to my blog in the next five year. I’m graduating in May, and I’m not sure what I will do with my blog once I graduate. Ideally I’d like to continue it, but it is a time consuming hobby! I’m also not sure where I’ll be after graduation (crossing my fingers for NYC) and that will have a big impact on my blog.

 Is there anything that you want to share with us which was not included in the list?

I think something that doesn’t really come off across in my blog or social media is that I can be really goofy the majority of the time. I guess bloggers are usually seemed as poised and have-it-all-together type of people. But it’s really not like that at all and I think that people tend to forget that. I always am up for a good laugh and can be found smiling 9/10 times in life and I like to keep it that way 🙂



Designer – Chloe

Fashion Brand- Rag & Bone

Color- Purple

Quote  – “Be silly, be honest, be kind”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Thanks so much Emma 😉   Everyone, please contact Emma if you have more questions and visit her blog at emmastyleguide.