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10 Wardrobe Staples you need to live a simplistic life – Fall to Winter

p>Everyone has their wardrobe staples. What are wardrobe statples anyway?  The things that you could not live without, or if you don't have anything else in your wardrobe, you can still function every day and feel great!  Now the weather starts getting cooler in some areas, so time to think about fall wardrobe. 

We voted for 10 items that most of us here feel we could not ignore, so here you go with the list!

10 fall wardrobe staples you should have

Boots: shoes are the greatest friends for women. You need to have some investment on good shoes. Getting a pair of boots is essential. Black, brown colors are always safe options. 

Flats Leather Jacket: A fit and good quality leather jacket will last forever, seriously. Find great one for your style and you will feel absolutely worth it!

Dress: No need to stress how important a good dress. Get one can be worn from day to night, you never know that some dates or get-together may pop up last minute.  

Skirt: Great skirt really goes a long way. You can wear for official occasions or for a casual event. We know all prefer midi length as they are so versatile.

Jeans:  No need to say, Jeans are must-have all through seasons. If you find the perfect one for your fit and style, you can even buy two or three pairs, maybe in different colors to make sure you always have something you can depend on.  

Blazer: Very versatile piece. You can wear the blazer in all sorts of occasions. Even you are not prepared to have a meeitng at work today (wear a bit casual), throwing on the blazer, everything will do your favor. 

Trench Coat: Great for the cooler days to wrap you in style, no matter if you want to still wear dresses all the time, the extra layer of warmth really helps! 

White Tees/Blouse: Another piece that can be worn throughtout the year and can pair with almost anything. Tip: invest in quality pieces as the white one really shows. 

Tote: Most useful bags that ever invented. You can use it in every occasion, period. Well, if you go for a party, just take a small purse, and leave the tote in the locker room. 😉

You get the idea. Stop cramming your wardrobe with a lot of things that you probably wont't wear twice a year, invest in good quality a few pieces and style them into something really unique!  Remember, not quantity, but quality. 


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